Saturday, February 23, 2013

Playroom Project

This is becoming my favorite room in the house. It used to be our master bedroom, which I disliked. It was small and the furniture didn't fit the space. However, now that the new addition is getting completed, PJ and I have have moved upstairs to a bigger bedroom which will eventually become Lydia's room.

The plan is to finish the sunroom on the first floor of the new addition and then rework the master suite. In the meantime, our old bedroom was sitting empty. PJ suggested we make it a temporary playroom. Eventually, when everything is finished and Joshua is out if the crib, what is now the nursery will be a play space for both kids right next to their bedrooms.

So toys were thrown into the old bedroom and the kids were happy to play there, and at least we could shut the door, but it was a mess and I wasn't happy with it. I decided we needed storage, but it would have to be pieces that would also work when the playroom relocates.

And then I went to the thrift store and found this long low storage piece. I thought it would work in several locations in our house and could even get a cushion to be a window seat. For now, it is storing and also separating the toys into categories.

Once there was one improvement in the playroom, I was excited to make additional improvements. I moved in a book case that wasn't being used and finally got the last of my wardrobe out of my old closet. In its place, I hung up Lydia's dress up cloths and her puppets. I even hung up a curtain for fashion shows and puppet shows. I'm pretty sure they like it! I LOVE that they have a safe and fun place to play.... And that I can actually get a few things done while they play!

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