Saturday, February 2, 2013

Princess Valentines!

It's time to start working on Valentines for Lydia's preschool. Sadly, it is a lot more work than I ever imagined, especially considering that I opted for store bought cards this year!

When I saw these Disney princess cards at the drug store, I knew Lydia would LOVE them!

I have to admit, the artwork on the Valentines is lovely! The paper is flimsy, which makes tearing them apart a pain! But they are lovely and Lydia loves them.

Here is the adorable AND agonizing part. The teachers ask that each child sign their own name to each card. Then they requested a card for each child in the ENTIRE pre-school.... FIFTY kids and FIFTY cards and FIFTY signatures! Have you tried getting a four year old to do ANYTHING fifty times? I get about five at each sitting so this is going to take a while.

Once the cards are signed, there are these tiny stickers that also need to be torn apart, withOUT tearing the flimsy paper. Then the tiny stickers have to be inserted into even tinier slits in the flimsy valentines. Not a job for a preschooler! If it didn't say "A sticker for you!" then I wouldn't bother and Lydia would gain a big pile of princess stickers!

Once the sticker were inserted, I decided to add one more item. Instead of adding candy, i found these cute plastic rings at Oriental Trading. They came in a bag of 72. My idea was that we could use 50 with the valentines and still have 22 for Lydia's birthday party.

I really wanted to add a tag that said "You're a GEM, Valentine!" But Lydia said she didn't get it! She said her friends wouldn't get it either..... and she's right. So I just taped the ring to the card and saved myself that extra step.

Welcome to life with a kid who has an opinion, crafty mom! Enjoy the princess valentines, Lydia!

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