Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Day Teacher Gifts

Hoo, Hoo, Who can guess what I'm making for the kid's teachers for Valentine's Day?

I cut a square of pink paper to cover the original candy bar wrapper. Then I punched two circles and cut out a small square for a beak.

The wings were tricky. I ended up using a rectangle if paper and wrapping it around the bar and trimming it until I was happy with the shape. Once I had my pattern, I cut more from my pretty papers.

Speaking of paper, when I was nearly finished, I spotted this floral sheet that was left over from my wedding.... In 2006! I thought the flowers made much better eyes than the plain white paper.

I added a heart where the wings met and the owl is finished. It does need some type of a tag, but I need to make about ten of these so there is still time to think about how and where to add that!

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