Monday, September 5, 2011

The Circus Sash

I am working on adding some fun details to my ringleader costume for the circus wedding.  I decided it needed some visual interest at the waist line where the jacket splits into the tails.
I still wanted to do something reminiscent of this cuff, with it's fun colors and ribbon flowers.
 I also had some lace left over from the antique rectangle that I cut to make the sleeve ruffle.
I found a scrap of Anna Maria Horner fabric in my stash and decided to dig in.
First, the lace.  I decided to use the appliqued swirl design part of the lace and to cut the rest away.
Once it was free from the background, I played with the positioning of the swirl until I liked how it worked with the diamond pattern on the fabric.  ( I had to piece the fabric together to have a piece that showed the diamonds, because I was dealing with the very last scrap of a fabric I really liked.  You can see the seam in the center.)
I decided the applique looked too solid, but the lace netting was still underneath it, so I cut away the applique, revealing the original lace.  Sort of backwards considering that I started out by cutting the netting away from the applique, but I liked the result.
Speaking of results, I think I am calling this finished.  I have to attach it to a backing, but the design seems to be there.  I added a few beads to the outer diamonds and a striped fabric flower and large brass button to the center.  Lydia will have a similar fabric rose pattern on the waist of her "mini ringleader" dress.  Pictures soon!

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