Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boot Weather!

Today, it is beautiful in TN.  Cool enough to wear boots and jeans, but not so cold as to require a jacket.  Luckily for us, Lydia's cough is better and we both happen to have boots to enjoy this lovely weather.
 I got mine over the summer, when we took our mission trip to South Dakota and stopped at the famous Wall Drugs for lunch (and boots?).  I had no idea this place sold boots or that I would decide I had to have a pair....
 but LOOK at those BOOTS.  I HAD to have a pair!
 Sadly, the pairs that I fell in love with cost about as much as my mortgage payment.  I settled for a picture of the birdie boots and the flower boots.  Too cute, but too much money!
 Then I discovered a corner in the back of the store with the super discounted former display boots.  I had a price in mind that I was willing to spend if I found a pair that I liked.  I found one pair, that was plain enough to match most of what I own but fit within my limited boots budget.
I haven't gotten to wear them much since then, but last week when I was at the big kid's consignment sale I remembered that Lydia usually has a pair of winter boots and so I started looking for something brown an leather like to match mine.

And here we are, enjoying this beautiful fall weather, waiting to go to the fall festival at her school, both wearing our brown boots and jeans.
 And both pretty happy about all of that!

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