Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Alligator Party!

I am taking a little break from all the Circus Sewing (which doesn't have to be finished until mid-October) to devote a little time to things that need to be finished in early October.  At this rate, I may get this week's grading and lesson plans finished, um, by October so it all works out, right?  No?  OK well I have a headache and I think I am still fighting some kind of crud, so focusing on real work just isn't happening right now.  Instead, i am trying to focus for a short time on the things that give me energy before dealing with the things that suck the energy from my already energy drained self.

Justification complete, on to the PARTY!!! We are planning a baby shower for a young mom at church.  I was asked to work my magic on the decorations, which means make it look good on a budget of $0.  The baby-to-be is a boy.  I am such a girl party person, I was tempted to make this an honor the mom party and use my pink decorations.  However, a little brainstorming about baby Paul, who is due in November and I came up with having an ALLIGATOR party!!  I thought of Paul and then thought of fall (as in November due date) an that let to "In the fall, Paul" which reminded me of "Later Alligator".  I never said it would make sense, but that is how my brain works.  So here is the start to the invitation.
I figure we can fill in the details of the party on the top.  I will use my projector to enlarge the alligator image onto a long sheet of paper and we can hang that behind the main food table at the party.
I still have most of the blue and green decorations that we used at Lydia's Under the Sea party.  Throw in a few balloons, ask the people bringing food to use blue and green if possible, and keep my eyes peeled for any really cute alligator baby stuff. 

I need to talk PJ into carving another watermelon, this time it needs to be an alligator watermelon!

If only I could find these guys!  Apparently Toys R Us used to sell them and they blow BUBBLES!!! They don't seem to be on the website, so I am betting this Alligator Party was a while ago.

Hmmm.  Maybe I will have to volunteer to bring the cupcakes.  These are actually green fondant, with directions here, but I think they look an awful lot like those orange circus peanut candies.  I wonder if I could dip them in green chocolate coating?
So, not a completely planned party, but my brain isn't really up to completing things today.  Either way, we should be able to have a color coordinated, cute, alligator themed baby shower. Later, Gater!

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Katrina Rochon said...

How do I find instructions on how to make the watermelon alligator?