Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Best. Invention. Ever!

It's a ladybug.  It's a hard plastic suitcase.  It has wheels (like a lot of suitcases today) BUT this suitcase is designed for a kid to RIDE!!!  It's a TRUNKI and i have deemed it the Best. Invention. Ever!  I bought it because Lydia's Aunti has a thing for lady bugs and so now, our little "Liddy bug" gets lots of lady bug stuff too.  I bought it because it was just so darn cute.  And we were out of town.  And the shop was just so darn cute.  But legitimately, by that point in our trip I had 2 small bags and a back pack all filled with Lydia's school stuff and toys and clothing.  She definitely needed a bigger bag to put all her belongings in for trips.
Mostly I bought it for THIS.  I mean LOOK at that FACE!  We were up in the air about if we should give it to her right away or save it for Christmas, when Miss Liddy Bug will also be receiving a lady bug raincoat and matching rain boots.  We had to bring it into our hotel room and before I could even think about hiding it, Lydia came back early from swimming and immediately saw it, said "oooooh for me, I love it, Thanks!" She spent the next hour opening and closing it and locking and unlocking it. (It has really chunky latches with a big plastic lock and a big key built into the strap.  I didn't even have to show her how to use it, it was just intuitive.)  She packed and unpacked and asked for rides up and down the hotel hallway.
Here is when I fell in love with the Trunki.  I had a rolling suitcase and a purse and a laptop bag and now Lydia's rolling/riding suitcase to get out to our car.  I was able to loop the Trunki "leash" around my suitcase and I only had to pull on the one suitcase and her suitcase followed in line behind mine!  The Trunki doesn't turn very well, but Lydia was able to stand and turn while I waited, so it was OK.  It also relies on your child to act as the brakes so on a hill, Lydia flew out in front of me a few times.  We got a lot of smiles from other hotel guests and Lydia loved every minute of her ride.
Trunki is made by Melissa and Doug and comes in numerous colors and designs.  In addition to these, I have seen a bumble bee, a cow, and a monster.
They even make stickers so you can put a face on your animal or create a creature on a plain Trunki.  I LOVE the mustache!!!! Also, they sell a saddle bag, but it doesn't look like it would be that comfortable to sit on it when the extra bags were full of stuff.  All those items are sold separately and I paid about $40 for just the case.  I probably should have waited until I got home and researched the best deals, but I was on vacation and the store was just SO cute!  Also the sales lady at the super cute store swore that her 10 year old grandson still liked his, so I felt like Lydia could use it for a while.  

Besides, just LOOK at how happy my Liddy Bug is with her new wheels!

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