Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update..... I WON!

I just got the e-mail that I won the cupcake contest!!! I think I need to buy a lottery ticket or two before my luck runs out! October was the Goodwill costume contest. November was 50 Christmas cards from Shutterfly AND the Target raffle at Fantasy of Trees. December now has 50 cupcakes coming my way courtesy of Cities Cupcakes! YUM and YIPPEE!

The recipe was just a fairly generic gingerbread cake recipe, but I used hot chocolate (warm milk + powder mix) for the liquid. Same idea with the frosting, I used a basic butter cream but used eggnog for the liquid and added some nutmeg and cinnamon too. I think they were also looking for a good flavor idea and I suspect they will use their own formula if they actually make them to sell in the store. Mostly, as with lots of things in life, its taking that tiny little bit of extra time to do that little extra thing that helps. The contest just asked for a recipe, but I included a story about how those flavors remind me of Christmas. I added that the idea having more and more of a good thing (my entry was a cupcake, with a cookie AND a candy cane) also represented the spirit of the holiday. Finally, but I knew I would do better with a picture included. So I baked and frosted, and chose the best ones and had a gingerbread man photo shoot. Then I decided to attach the photo to the email entry, but I also wrote the recipe on a word document, separate from my emailed story about why I felt this was a good flavor, and also inserted the photo into the document. Hey, if there were two contenders, I wanted mine to stand out!

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