Wednesday, December 8, 2010

North Pole Cupcakes.

So this is my entry into a local contest to come up with a flavor for a North Pole Cupcake. The company does different flavors to match different cities, Key West is a Key Lime cupcake. So they want to have a North Pole flavor. My entry is a Gingerbread Hot Cocoa cupcake with Eggnog frosting. I instantly knew that I wanted to create a pole out of a candy cane and then found these tiny little gingerbread cookies and thought they would be appropriate ambassadors for the North Pole! Fingers crossed. The contest is being judged this weekend and the prize is 50 free cupcakes that could be very useful for our next Lydia birthday party. If it doesn't work out in my favor, it's OK. I needed a baked good to take to a church function anyway, so baking for this contest already fulfilled that need. I'll keep you posted.

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