Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Ideas for Lydia's Room

Whooooo, Whooo wouldn't want a sweet owl pillow. I like this idea and think I could have some fun mixing different fabric scraps together. I'm putting this on the "if I have time" list.

The painted hills on the walls need some details. This would be fun, if I could find the right place to put it without overwhelming then entire room. Probably not doing THAT much painting over my Christmas break, but maybe someday.
I ordered this rug from Target and am very happy with it. Luckily, one of the reviews explained that it was much brighter and loopier than it looks in the picture. Just what I wanted. It kind of looks like grass, which is so fun and perfect for a kid's room. The only drawback is it caught on my high heels last night.
This is a bit of a disappointment. This bedding looked so perfect on the website, but in person it is really, REALLY, pail. Pretty much pink with brown and darker pink patterns. Not at all what I wanted and unfortunately no online review to clue me in. Apparently, target has an issue with their photos on their website! Sadly this is not sold in stores and I paid with a gift card that has since been used up and thrown out. Expecting lots of fun trying to return this one!
I saw this bedspread and liked it for a solid option, but it was sold out online. I saw one in just the right size at our local Target, so I think this will do. It is just the right color and I like the swirls, but it feels like a LOT of purple. Oh well, it is a girly room and it is one step closer to finished. I need to make pillows out of the floral fabric and cover 2 small chairs. And paint some more on her walls. And finish her doll house. Oh, and return some things to Target. Wish me luck!

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