Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zombie Cherubs!

Oh, how nice!
Oh, how cute!
Oh, how unfortunate! Well, no actually..... I LIKE it! This broken cherub is the only reason I bought those others at the thrift store. I'm making Zombie Cherubs and this one has lost his head! But they are all way to clean and shiny for zombies.
First, they all got a nice coat of gesso to make them uniformly white and to help later coats of paint stick.
I threw on a coating of watered down black paint so that it would sink down into the crevices but wash off the surface. Unfortunately, the gesso wasn't sticking well to the porcelain, so it started clumping and cracking and flaking off. Did I say unfortunately? I take it back, the weird paint clumping made the perfect zombie texture.
I worked a little extra black into the eye sockets, but it still seemed to be missing something.
I don't know. Is the blood drenched cherub mouth too much? Too late. This zombie is finished and ready to sit with his angelic friends and guard my Halloween candy. Good thing zombies only eat brains!

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