Thursday, October 14, 2010

Musical Chairs

We have been playing musical chairs...... and tables..... and desks..... and art supplies...etc., etc., etc. We were already in process with moving all of my craft supplies out of the house and into my new above garage studio (pictures coming). Then I decided this week it was time to start thinking about putting the crib away for a while and trying to get some type of extra sleeping space. Lydia moved out of her crib and right into our guest bedroom, so for now guests either share her bed with her or take over her bed and she moves in with us, either way someone is not sleeping well. We had looked closely at daybeds a few months ago for Lydia and never found the right one for the right price. We fell in love with this be at Rooms to Go, but it was priced way too high, AND that price did not include even basics like the mattress support, much less extras like the trundle or the mattress.
So last night, I thought I would start another daybed search and saw a great bed for a great price. 12 hours later it was ours! We are actually having both the Arnold girls spending the night TOMORROW, so the idea of getting a bed tonight made sleeping arrangements a little easier, but also made a TON of work for PJ and I tonight. The crib had to be taken down, storage items had to be moved around, art materials had to go to the studio, in addition to the normal cleaning that needs to be done before having company. PJ and I are both very happy with the new bed, but very tired from a lot of moving furniture tonight.

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