Saturday, October 30, 2010

Witches Brew 2

This year's Witches Brew (Witches Brew 2), our annual ladies only witch themed Halloween party happened last night.
It is my only excuse to decorate for Halloween, seeing as we will never have any trick-or-treaters at our house in the woods.
This year I realized I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas decorations and that doesn't really bother me.
There were several ideas that we recycled from last year, like the witch name/human name tags.
I also had plenty of new fun things to share, like the thrift store paper mache cat or the scary wood mask brought back from my sister's recent travels.
As always, I had a lot of fun with the food. I wanted to do some things different from last year, but brought back some old favorites, like the melon brain.I made a 7 layer taco dip and dressed it up to look like a graveyard. I decided to make it vegetarian, so that I could form the taco meat into a disgusting, burned looking face. I used onions for the teeth and hard boiled eggs for the eyes. After an hour in the oven, he looked good and gross.
The rat infested cheese tray returned again this year.
These eyeball concoctions made from cream cheese and jello were new.

Is it wrong how much I love this?
Last year we had old (clean) prescription bottles holding candy. This year I wanted more of a specimen jar feeling.
I didn't have my camera out to get pictures of all the witches, but Sara arrived first and had on such a great outfit, I couldn't resist snapping a pic. Thanks Sara and all my witchy friends for sharing my favorite holiday with me!

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