Friday, October 8, 2010

Fun things that I would LOVE for my kid to LOVE!

So this post is as much for me to remember what toys I am loving so that I can think about what to get Lydia, as it is to help me answer the questions of family members who want to know what she is interested in, as it will be to show Lydia some day what toys she used to play with. Lydia is getting into pretend play with dolls, but isn't quite up for dressing and undressing them. A friend had a set of magnetic paper dolls and I really like the idea, especially these thicker wooden ones from Melissa and Doug. I feel like they need a storage pouch or something though because you know that box will get destroyed quickly!

I LOVE this do-it-yourself option. Apparently Betsy McCall was a character that goes back to the 50's and would have different outfits shown in a magazine, I think so that girls could make their own paper dolls. Well someone decided to print them onto magnetic backed paper, or glue them to magnets, and then they stored it all in a tin so the dolls stick to the tin too! So cleaver. I really want to try it but might run out of time.

How perfect are these (new) vintage style Wizard of Oz Barbie dolls! I love the tea length dresses and the fact that they all have eyeliner on! Fab-u-lous! OK, I can't guarantee I wouldn't also enjoy playing with these, but it would be a neat way of getting a red headed Barbie for Lydia. Besides how fun would it be to create the Barbie pretend sub-plots involving a green skinned brunette?

Every time I take Lydia to Toys R Us, she freaks out over the toy guitars. Her PopPop has a real guitar and she enjoys playing with it. I haven't really looked at the specifications of toy guitars, but every time we are in Toys R Us, Lydia finds this specific heart shaped guitar made by Moxie Girls and plays with it.

Of course I really think this lap harp is more interesting and probably more durable than some plastic toy guitar. I imagine it requires similar skills in strumming, but this seems easier for little fingers to deal with, besides the fact that I am a sucker for wooden toys!

The other day when we were leaving the house for daycare and work. Lydia suddenly announces that she needs her "pillow pet" and she grabs this little white square neck pillow, hugs it, and takes it to the car. All day at daycare people would ask her what animal her pillow pet was and she would say "white." This is the first I heard her say anything about pillow pets, but apparently her friend at daycare has a ladybug one. She didn't mention it to me anymore so the white pretend pillow pet was left at home the last few days. Apparently she has been throwing fits at nap time asking for her pillow pet, so today the daycare lady asked me to send the white pillow to daycare next week just to keep the peace. Because Aunti Jen is into Ladybugs and that is what her daycare friend has, I think a ladybug pillow pet would be nice, but I can't resist how cute the panda or the frog are either. Really anything is better than the white cube she is currently lugging around!

How much do I LOVE anything by Melissa and Doug? They make such great stuff and usually it is wooden and last for a long time. Who knew that they made a car hauler?

It holds a few wooden cars, but also converts to roll the cars on and off. Considering PJ has a car hauler I think this would be a really fun toy in our house. If only it was red, like our B-Rod or Custom car hauler is!

More M+D goodness. Lydia is really into legos and puzzles ( has someone invented a way to store puzzles and their pieces so they aren't scattered all over the house?). I think this toy is a great combination of puzzles and building. You could probably make something with a few tools and lots of fun latches. No keys required and no pieces to lose!

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