Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I am making right now.

My sister had the revelation several months ago that hosting Lydia's Alice in Wonderland themed tea party would mean wearing fabulous hats. Initially she was going to buy a real hat, but then she stumbled on the idea of making something a little more fun and funky. Technically, she stumbled on the idea of having ME make something, but I liked her idea and am enjoying making it. It is fortunate that my students are doing paper-mache right now, so I have been getting my hands gooey for a few minutes each day. I thought my hat would end up being similar to hers (hmmmm. I haven't actually shown you what I am making for her yet. More on THAT another day.) I saw THIS hat on Etsy and KNEW that my hat would be different than my sister's hat. My husband is going as the Mad Hatter, but I couldn't quite bring myself to wear the Queen of Hearts crown. (She's KIND of MEAN!) But THIS idea. The roses that had to be painted red, the paint brushes that didn't get cleaned out, PERFECT for an art teacher!
So, here is my work in progress. I made a top hat out of 2 Solo cups and a paper plate. Hopefully you can't tell! It is not finished. I am thinking about letting the newspaper words show through the final paint. I am also thinking about including a playing card and maybe a watch face, or an old key, or all of the above. Anyone feel strongly about a color? Part of me sees it as a black top hat, but part of me thinks that is boring. Speak now, or off with your heads!

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