Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Well Heeled Hare

Well, I suppose this little guy will be the March Hare at Lydia's Mad Hatter Tea Party Birthday. Mostly because it's March and he is a hare. I spotted him at Goodwill and thought he had personality. Lydia said "bunny" which I took as her agreement that the one dollar price was acceptable. He is in really good shape, just missing his clothing. So Mr. March Hare is getting a new wardrobe and a healthy dose of Lysol. I should have gone to bed early tonight, but this naked rabbit was calling out for my attention. So it is WAY past my bed time, but I was so energized by the fabrics I had on hand and the ideas that were popping into my head that I pushed on and have him almost finished. Just a little hand sewing, a few buttons to add, he needs a tie, and maybe a puff ball tail. Not bad for one dollar, one evening, one antique handkerchief, and scraps from an old pillow and a pair of plaid shorts. Hoppy March, Mr. Hare!

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