Friday, March 19, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Spring break has flown by, but I got one unexpected day to do what ever I wanted. On Thursday, Lydia was well enough to go play with the kids at daycare and my mom was visiting a friend from Chattanooga. I should have done practical things, like my taxes, but instead I went to my favorite thrift store. I found several very nice and very needed clothing items for myself. That is rare, because I usually have Lydia with me so no time to try stuff on. I always find good stuff for Lydia. My favorite thrift store gets donations of Gymboree and Children's Place clothing and they only charge 89 cents for all kids clothing. I buy way too much, and way too far in advance, but I try to stick to a specific color pallet for Lydia and usually am able to put together full outfits by the time she wears them. I LOVE thrifted cloths. They are cheap enough to be disposable, you know that they have already been washed so any shrinking has already happened, and even if they don't work out your money is going to charity. Win/win. Beside, you can find some really unique items. Thursday, I found this Indian Sari, for $9. It is two pieces of dyed and painted fabric that are each 18 feet long. I think these will show up as table coverings at the Mad Hatter Tea Party we are throwing for Lydia's birthday. After that, who knows, Halloween costumes, decorations for my classroom?
A few more tea party finds. I have been wanting one of those 3 tiered cake stands for a while. I saw a blog post where someone made their own by attaching plates to candlesticks. I may be doing something similar with these vases. The best thing is they are plastic, so they won't weigh much and can't break in transport. The white tea cups are ceramic, so we will have to be careful with them, but I thought they would be a good cheap addition to our decorations considering each of these items was less than 50 cents (and I think I got 25% off that!)

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