Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day, the Sequal!

OK, so this looks kind of impressive, and the radar and TV weather people made this storm sound impressive, but the truth is we mostly got slush at our house. Lets and lots of slush. School was canceled before the flakes even started flying. It was supposed to get bad early in the day, but it held off. A good thing because Andrea and Alyssa were coming up to visit on Friday night. They arrived about the same time as the snow did.
We all got up on Saturday for a little slushy sledding. PJ was very patient running the girls up and down our small hill. They loved it, but were soaked after a few minutes.

The swing set proved to be a good way to get out of the slush for a few minutes. After that, it was back inside to enjoy the snow day curled up on the couch and watching old re-runs of lost while the girls napped.

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