Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Eve

This year for New Year's Eve, we through a Redneck Themed party. It originated as an Ugly Sweater Party and evolved into all out lower culture. It was super fun and super easy to trash things up. Besides trashy food is usually fried and ALWAYS tasty. Bacon wrapped tater tots, need I say more? Everyone in my family got an ugly holiday sweater courtesy of a contribution to Goodwill. Lydia's started out as an adult sized sweatshirt with kissing Christmas scotty dogs stitched on the front. I cut it down to become a shirt dress and paired it with some bright red patterned pants. We were all having a good time until Lydia woke up after midnight and started vomiting. Over the next week we all got the stomach flu and then passed it on to everyone we know. Sorry to everyone out there who we infected! Happy New Year! Hopefully the entire year will not go the same as our New Year's Eve!

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