Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In Indiana

PJ, Lydia, Dot, JR, and I are in Indiana for the Burchett family reunion. JR's cousin's and their kids get together every couple of years in a different location. Last time was Gatlinburg, so this time we made the long trip fro a short but fun visit. Lydia was instantly attracted to this small bench and she climbed on it in such a cute way, i couldn't help but snap several pictures. i SWEAR I did not pose her, this is my girl doing what she does. I DID have some fun with photoshop in the hotel room. My friend Kristin posted a before and after on her blog about beefing up the colors in a picture. I don't know why I haven't played more with photographs in photoshop. I have been overwhelmed with Illustrator and all the buttons and gadgets, but it is SO much fun to just play with a picture and learn a little. I admit, the colors may be a little too saturated in my after image, but I can't believe how faded the original looks! All this time I have drooled over these great photographs and assumed that the photographer had better equipment than I have. Maybe, but I feel like the playing field might be leveling a little.

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