Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An amplified blast from the past

I took this picture around Christmas 08 and intended to use it for a thank you photo card for my cousin (who isn't really a blood relative.... and I only mention that because our kids are so cute together, if they ever fall in love... I CAN NOT have spent decades writ ting about how they are related, so here it is in bold print THEY ARE NOT RELATED...) Sarah who bought this sweet ballerina Kitty outfit for Lydia. I never got around to printing the pictures and time marched on so I think i never go around to thanking pseudo-cousin Sarah (ooops, Thank you semi-relative Sarah!) SO now I find myself going back to amp up old pictures with photo shop. I love tweeking the colors so it all pops and is a little more technicolor. Ugh, its like my pictures are now crack addicts and the non-crack filled world just can't compare! I must be stopped before I re-work and then re-print every picture in Lydia's baby book! I go back to school next week. I suppose that will slow the memory tweeking substantially.

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