Thursday, July 30, 2009

Look what I made!

My mom and dad bought me creative suite two years ago. There were some technical difficulties getting it on my laptop that slowed things down, and then Lydia arrived and I got distracted from it. I have learned that I am very project oriented, so i decided to dive in on the invitations for my "Black Hat Society" themed halloween party. For now, photoshop seems easier for me than illustrator, so maybe I will hang out there for a while. I have a book on digital scrapbooking that I am using as a teaching tool and adjusting to meet my needs.
I am so proud of my meager little attempt shown here. You have to realize that the background wasn't just "copied and pasted". I layered and altered 3 different images. Then copied the swirl again and layered it agian. Then I added the witch, whom I also altered to give a more hand drawn look. Finally I got to play with different fonts, which I LOVE, love, love!

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