Thursday, July 9, 2009

The birthday dress and swing set.

As promised, here are pictures of the dress that I made and the swing set we bought and PJ built for Lydia's birthday. The dress was pretty easy to put together. The swing set was a whole different story! While it was a kit. that only meant that you had to try to figure out instructions that were obviously not originally written in English. All of the pieces looked alike and you had to keep double checking which was which because nothing was labeled. To make things worse, it was really hot the week of her party and the mosquitoes were terrible. PJ slaved away on it for two days solid so that it could be up and safe on the day of the party. Then it was so hot that most people stayed in the house during the celebration. Oh well, Lydia loves swinging and sliding on her swing set. We even put her hand print and foot print into the concrete before it set.

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