Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coat of many colors

This is the finished winter coat. I was able to sew a lot yesterday, while Lydia napped and recovered from a virus that caused her to have a rash and fever, probably roseola. The coat is embroidered polar fleece with a green cotton lining. It is extra roomy so I am hoping that she can wear it for two years. I ended up with extra polar fleece, so in a few years I may remake this coat again for her. I started with a pattern, but altered it to make it a swing coat and added the trim. I was copying the style of the Corky and Company gorgeous coats. They are a little pricey for my budget and a little thick for our Tennessee winters. Besides, I really liked the challenge of finding trims and reworking the pattern. Hopefully the coat will show up in a few photos this winter. Lydia felt like attacking my keyboard, so here is her first typed sentence!
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