Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentines Weekend (handmade with love)

Obviously we have a little catching up to do! I HATE it when that happens. I do have blogs that I follow and I HATE it when they take too long to post new content. I can't believe a whole week has passed with no new pictures to post. I did take some last weekend, but the camera ran out of power and we got busy and then PJ got sick, etc. etc. etc!

So here is what I SHOULD have posted from last week.

I actually wrote it in my head. I had a title picked out and everything!

Handmade with Love!

Here is my Valentine for Lydia. I spent Valentines Day making baby food for Lydia. I actually enjoy this form of cooking a lot. Mostly because it's so easy! You just boil water, throw in the fruit or veggies, and grind it all up. No measuring. No seasoning. I love that it makes the house smell great, and it's warm, and soft, and sweet. I love that I wouldn't be afraid to eat it and that Lydia is eating things that are made for her with love.

Here is PJ's Valentine for Lydia. PJ spent Valentines Day working on Lydia's bathroom. The huge, heavy, antique bathtub was finally ready to be moved from our bathroom upstairs to Lydia's bathroom. It will be a few more weekends of small details before it is completely complete, but it is a lovely room and lovingly made.

Here is Jennifer's valentine to Lydia. Jennifer watched Lydia so we could shop for tile for our bathroom. You have seen the crochet hearts she made for Lydia already, so here is Lydia eating the card that Jen made. Hmmmmm. I think she likes the taste of it better than the food that I made!

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