Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday's Science Experiment

Last weekend Jen and I took Lydia to UT to participate in one of their infant lab programs. Different graduate students are doing various studies on infant development and they always need volunteers. The study we were participating in involves depth perception, so Lydia sat in the chair and a machine measured where she looked and for how long. They showed a video with lots of different images of things that are near and far. Some were controls that had larger objects farther away to determine if she looked at something because it was big or because it was close. After deciding that the two tests with me in the room, resulted in Lydia looking at me too much, I was able to watch the monitor with the students and it was so neat to see it follow her little eyes across the screen. Lydia did not seem to mind the experience and we helped some grad students in the process. Not a bad day out of the house.

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