Monday, February 9, 2009

Hold the milk, please.

Today was another double doctor day. Lydia had to go to the allergist's office to try switching to soy milk formula. Based on the way the GI doctor explained it, I didn't realize that it would be that big of a deal. In hindsight, I am glad we went to the allergist. They did a scratch test to verify that she really is allergic to milk and also tested the soy. Next, they put it to her lips and waited for a reaction. Finally we gave her a bottle of soy. She did fine, but we got a LOT more information on how to proceed with a milk allergy kid. At this point, we avoid milk and milk products like the plague! Makes sense, she has an allergy. The GI guy made it sound like we would just try it out with milk after a while. The allergist wants us to be a lot more cautious. He still thinks she may outgrow it, but he will be monitoring her progress along the way. It sounds like the better we do with not giving her milk, the better chance we have of her eventually being OK with it. In the meantime, just in case, Lydia will have an epi-pen. Yep, she's one of THOSE allergy kids! It makes it sound WAY to scary and serious, but she does have a food allergy adn the worst case scenario for her could include an anaphalactic reaction. So, all you potential Lydia sitters will soon meet Lydia's cute new epi-pen jr. and get instructions on what to do with it.
Oh, yeah. Double doctor day. I also went to the doctor with a case of something that looks just like chicken pox. Still not quite sure exactly WHAT it is. Sounds like I also had an allergic reaction to something. I'm itchy and scratchy, but grateful not to be contagious...or at risk of anaphalactic shock!

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