Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Respective Weekends

Jen and I flew to New Orleans for the Marathon. Mom and her friend Joyce drove down to cheer us on, and drink screwdrivers at Brennan's. We finished in 6 hours, a decent time for us, especially considering we stopped training about 2 months ago! I think running a marathon after having a baby, made the marathon much less stress inducing. In fact, if you are having trouble getting up the courage to run a marathon, I might suggest getting pregnant and going through natural childbirth. It really helps marathons seem much more doable.

Meanwhile, PJ took care of Lydia. Her pacifier says "My dad rocks!" and I agree" Lydia was fed and bathed and well cared for while I was away. Dishes and Laundry were done. Larry and Debbie drove to Alabama to pick up an antique kitchen cabinet while I was away. PJ even managed to tear down a half wall in our kitchen to make room for the cabinet. All that and dinner was waiting for me when my much delayed trip home finally ended.

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