Friday, January 28, 2011

We will miss you J.R.

Your papaw passed away this week. No one knows for sure what happened, he went to his barn to work and did not come home for supper. It appears to have been quick and we hope it was painless, but for those of us left behind there is pain that he is gone and the healing will certainly not be quick.
Your papaw was a good man. Your daddy practically grew up at the house he built for your mamaw. JR was your daddy's best man when we got married. I don't know many men who consider their grandfather their best friend, but your daddy did.
JR stood for Johnny (not John or Jonathon ..... he was always Johnny apparently) and Rufus. No offense, but with a name like Rufus I can understand the use of the initials. Apparently that is a family tradition too. JR's dad had gone by his initials (EG or EW I think) and your daddy was always called by his initials, too. (Even though I think Peter Joshua is a beautiful name wasted on a child who was to be PJ from birth!)
Losing loved ones in inevitable, but I hope you will not loose many, that they will not go too soon, that the old will go before the young, that in the end it will be quick and painless, and that we will not be truly saying "goodbye", but "see you later"

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