Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW, snow, and MORE snow!

We have had more snow over more different days than we have had in a LONG time. Snow is rare in East TN, and I sort of believe that if it snows, even if the roads are fine, the town shuts down just to celebrate and enjoy a rare event.This year, we got snow before Christmas, enough to cancel one day of school and give us a delay on two different mornings. We got snow ON Christmas, enough to cancel our annual trip to Chattanooga. We got snow the week we went BACK to school from Christmas break, enough to go home early on Wednesday, get a two hour delay Thursday, and we all THOUGHT we were getting more on Friday.
The Friday snow was delayed until Saturday, pretty but not as much as they were predicting. Today, we have another round of snow and it is cold, so the snow does not seem to be disappearing as sometimes happens here. Places south of us got more snow than we did. It is always fun when my friends in Atlanta are enjoying the same snow that we are.
Speaking of enjoying the snow, here is the snowman Lydia and PJ built Wednesday night. We got a quick, heavy, wet snow that was PERFECT for snowmen.

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