Sunday, January 9, 2011

Smocked Dresses

My mom took a smocking class last year and Lydia is reaping the benefits this Christmas. A while back my mom transformed some fabric I found at Walmart into this beautiful dress. I felt that if was the perfect choice for her trip to see Santa Claus. Unfortunately, this is one of the best pictures from that visit! At this point, Lydia was still excited about meeting Santa and I had visions of her actually being able to tell him what she wanted. Needless to say, her enthusiasm for the man in red soon wained, tears were shed, and she did not go anywhere near his lap! Because I bought the fabric, I knew this dress was coming, but my mom surprised me with a smaller version of it for one of Lydia's dolls. As if that wasn't cool enough, she also made the doll a winter coat out of the same fabric as Lydia's coat!
This was another surprise. We had exchanged gifts with my family early, so when mom gave this dress to Lydia on Christmas morning, I was blown away. So many cute details! She can't wear this one until spring/summer so I have time to find some cute shoes to go with it. Hmmm. That also leaves time to make dolly a matching dress. (hint, hint)

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MaryJane said...

I remember the days of smocking for Meg and Molly. I have saved thosed dresses (no surprise) and hope someday granddaughters will wear them. I loved smocking, these dresses your Mom made are beautiful!!