Saturday, September 4, 2010

Halloween Sewing

So, it is officially September and time to get started with Halloween stuff. Can you guess what we are going as this year? I knew that this would be a busy fall for me, teaching two new courses, so when I saw this dress at a discount store (it is a real dress, not a flimsy costume) I snatched it up. A different discount store had the sequined shoes this summer.
I cut the sleeves off the dress and will put either a long or a short sleeve white shirt under it depending on the weather. Add pigtails with bows, a basket, and Lydia's stuffed animal doggy and Dorothy is DONE! On to the adults. Don't you think Jen looks like Glinda the Good Witch?
I found a tiny tiny 1980's pink prom dress (It's a Gunnie Sax, doesn't that take you back!)The dress was only $3 at Goodwill. It was originally $6, but I got half off with a senior citizen discount! (Long story involving a little old lady who took FOREVER in line in front of me)

It was too short, but I also found a pink bed sheet for $2 at a different thrift store. After proper sanitation in the laundry, I added a long ruffle and have just enough fabric to make a puffy sleeve later. I had some scraps of pink tulle that I took to work a while back. I'm going to wait and see about adding that as a final frothy pink layer before I consider Glinda's dress finished. She will need a tall hat, a wand, and a silver butterfly necklace if I can manage it, but it should be doable. I will be the Wicked Witch of the West. Black Skirt (have it), black shirt (have it), witches hat (have it), green makeup and I will be good to go. PJ may be joining us this year and his costume is still up for consideration. I am hoping to talk him into being a flying monkey, partly because it sounds fun, partly because the WW of the West controls the Flying Monkeys. How fun would that be? Maybe I can put him on a leash for trick or treating!

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