Monday, September 6, 2010

Elmers Sqeezable Paint Brushes!

I have been meaning to buy some paints for Lydia. It sounds weird because we have SO many different kinds of paint in my house. Most of the paints are permanent (acrylic) or require a fair amount of parent involvement (watercolors). So I set out to get something washable, that she could apply with a paintbrush without me having to add water or clean up huge spills.

I saw these Elmer's squeezable paint brushes and thought I would give them a try. They cost about the same as a pack of 5 paint brushes, only these brushes are a good thick size, with paint in the handle. I figured even if I didn't like them, we could use them as paint brushes with pans of paint instead.

Luckily, I LOVE them!!! Lydia could easily squeeze out a blob of paint and then spread it around. I just had to remind her to squeeze on the paper and from there we were pretty good. They hold enough paint to cover a few pieces of paper, we did 2 big sheets and still had more paint, but I like that the paint doesn't go on forever. There will have to be a time to refill and that may be a good time to stop and start up again later. There are no pots of paint to knock over, or to reach for and inevitably get paint on your shirt or sleeve. The pack of paints I found only came in metallic, but they do make them in regular colors too. The tops come off so I am hoping I can refill mine with any colors that I want to later. That also means that I can fill them with any brand of paints I like.

Lydia seems to like them a lot. I LOVE that when she sets them down they are shaped in such a way that the brush part can't touch the table and make a mess. They also have clear lids that screw on to help keep the paints from drying out. I cleaned the brushes, screwed on the lids and am looking forward to our next painting day.

I know Lydia is looking forward to painting again soon, too.

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