Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Sewing Finished (photos to prove it!)

I feel slightly inappropriate posting so much about Halloween SO early. I have a great excuse. My sister, who has been my Halloween side kick for years, is going to Hawaii for a month. Luck girl! She leaves in a few weeks and gets back right before Halloween. We started coordinating our calenders and realized that we are both busy every weekend between now and when she leaves. If we wanted pictures taken together, we had to do them last weekend. Even worse, we went to the Fair Friday night and Lydia went to a car show Saturday so it had to be Saturday evening. Worse still, it rained all day and Lydia had an upset stomach. Needless to say, I was not optimistic about the pictures! Boy was I WRONG!!!

Lydia as Dorothy, with her trusty dog Toto (played by a stuffed animal version of our dog Buckley). We took pictures at a local park and this picture was her realizing that there was a playground and then running away from our carefully planned photo shoot location to get to the playground. There are several more shots of her throwing a tantrum as we try to keep her away from the playground and closer to any area that would look good for pictures.

Mommy and Auntie playing Good Witch and Bad Witch. By this point we both gave up being bad witches and let Lydia play on the playground. Suddenly we both becane good witches!

I LOVE this picture!!! Two of my favorite people in the world, draped in yards of tulle!
Could she be less interested in kissing me? OK.... It kind of works with the whole wicked witch theme. To be fair, I was covered in green stuff. I am lucky she didn't run screaming from me. Actually, that would have worked well too!

This TOTALLY works! I think this was the end of the day and we were walking Little Miss away from the playground and back to the car. We walked the long way around hoping that the green background might lend itself to a good shot. Somewhere in here we noticed that the community center at the park was full of kids having a birthday party. They got such a laugh out of seeing us walk by and we laughed right back. Mmmmm, maybe I cackled back!

If you want to see the costumes being made, click here.

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