Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Miss and Mr Biscuit Competition

Saturday was a rainy day, but that didn't dampen the excitement at the International Biscuit Festival. The kids and I took advantage of the rainy weather and got our biscuit tasting in early, before the skies cleared (a little) and the larger crowds arrived. Then we rushed off to the Children's Festival of Reading and then home for naps (hair and make-up for mommy) before returning to Biscuit boulevard for the Miss or Mr. Biscuit Competition.

Here I am, mid competition, with the other contenders. I seem to be having a good time! We showed off our aprons (mine was up-cycled from a Goodwill dress, blog post coming soon). We demonstrated our poise by walking with biscuits on our heads. (Here it is on YouTube if you MUST see it!) Then it was time for our biscuit themed talents.

I carved the Knoxville Sunsphere, out of butter, in about 5 minutes. Above is my practice carving, made at home the night before. Below is my rushed job during the competition.

And there I am in the middle of butter sculpture madness (photo by Tanner Latham via Instagram)! There's a video of the entire butter carving ordeal, if you really want to see me rub my hands all over a greasy shaft of butter. Yep, it's THAT dignified! Here's the link to the YouTube video. I love the look of concern on Erin Donovan's face!

In the end Biscuit glory was not to be mine. My apron was super cute and we all did equally well walking with biscuits on our heads, so it must have been a question of talent. The winners all had songs and dances about biscuits. Oh well, I had a really fun time, as evidenced by my post loss portrait on Erin's Instagram feed.

It would have been nice to have earned a little "dough" for all my efforts, but I think the winners just got biscuit themed swag. I suppose there's always next year! Perhaps a bacon flavored Power T, or portrait of Pat Summit?!?


Cindy deRosier said...

Your biscuit outfit is ADORABLE! This looks like such a fun event. Can't wait to read what you do next year!

Cheryl Burchett said...

Thanks Cindy! There is NO telling what we will get into next, but I'm about to be off from work for the summer, so stay tuned!