Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Enough Already!

It wasn't bad enough that Joshua got his first ear infection a few weeks ago. Or that it took a while to diagnose because it coincided with his vaccination and I thought the fever was a bad reaction to his shot. No, and it wasn't enough for the first antibiotic to not work. The single ear infection turned to a double, and Lydia's face swelled up and her eye turned pink and we got a double prescription for the same antibiotic. And it still didn't fix the ear infection. It wasn't enough for me to get this cold virus from the kids, PJ had to get it too. And between his own illness and all the kids stuff, and the fact that i have no more sick leave, he missed a full week of work. And then, because that wasn't enough, he got the stomach flu, and then I did, and then Lydia did. And because that all wasn't enough, back when Joshua first got the ear infection that seems to have kicked all this illness in motion, we got a notice from Lydia's school that a kid had been found with lice. And I am do grateful that they notify everyone and check heads, and so I had been checking her and of course this week at the height of colds and ear infections and stomach virus, she got "it". And we have been very diligent and I am so glad that i can be so highly detail oriented and have really good eyesight that I can spend an hour or so a night going over and over her head searching for any problems, but now I feel like we've had enough! That and I better get treated like a freakin' queen on Mothers Day!

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