Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Boston (Terrier) Tea Party

 The Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee ran this photo on their Facebook page with a description asking if anyone else had a similar photo.  Mine aren't vintage like the picture above, but I immediately shared some of the tea party pictures we took with Lydia and our Boston Terrier in preparation for her Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party.  I had so much fun looking through these old pictures, I wanted to share them in a single Boston themed post.
 I realized that several of these pictures never made it onto the blog because I needed time to edit them.  This ended up being one of my favorites.  I had to merge a few images together to get everyone facing the camera, but I love it!
 The rest of these are untouched candid shots.  I forget what Lydia was trying to feed Buckley and I am amazed at his patience!
 These next pictures were not staged.  Lydia was just playing with her tea set and eating crackers and Buckley wanted to join in the fun.
OK, this last one isn't a tea party or a real dog, but I couldn't resist sharing Lydia in her Boston Terrier hat and gloves. She was just big enough to wear them and not yet big enough to try and take them off!

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