Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thifty Thursday

We have all fought a nasty stomach virus this week. Lydia had it Sunday, one of my co-teachers had it Monday, I had it Tuesday, Jen and my other co-teacher both had it Wednesday, and PJ was down with it Thursday. So, when I picked Lydia up from daycare on Thursday, we did a little thrift store shopping to kill some time and keep us out of his way for more of the evening. I found a few great toys for Lydia. This is my favorite for now! It was a big bag full of wooden nuts, bolts, and connector pieces. There is a wooden hammer and screwdriver and one separate Melissa and Doug nuts and bolts toy. All of it for $3! This is SO perfect for where Lydia is at right now. She is really into manipulating things and her little fingers are just able to twist the bolts and screws. She hasn't made any creations yet, but has had fun tinkering. PJ, on the other hand, built a giant horse with the majority of the pieces. Its like an erector set for the toddler set. So cool!
I also found these great blocks. They have one blue side, and then the rest have white stripes with red outlines. The stripes are positioned in such a way that you can connect the stripes and create a pattern that moves from block to block. So far, Lydia just likes moving and stacking them, but at some point I am sure she will notice the neat stripe. Not bad for $2!

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