Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting Better

Lydia and I have both been resting and getting better this week. (Sorry, you will have to make do with more pictures from last week's piggy tales as I was not getting my camera out this week.) Lydia has had a double ear infection and a cough that makes her vomit about once a day. I have had some evil cold, maybe the adult version of what Lydia had. I think after too many days home from work, we are finally both getting better.
Something else that got a whole lot better this weekend is my car situation. My old car had 220+ thousand miles on it. No major problems yet, but I didn't want to be stuck somewhere with Lydia when something did break down. I had made a couple of deals through e-bay which all fell apart, but while recovering on the couch I found a local ad for exactly what I was looking for, my old car, just newer, fewer miles, a few more features, and a really good price. Suddenly with marathon training canceled due to my illness, and several family members available to watch Lydia, PJ and I decided to drive down to Atlanta to make the deal. The only catch was that the dealership (which was 4 hours away) closed at 6pm and we decided to go at 11am. PJ had been working at the shop and needed to shower and change cloths. There was the potential for an overnight if it got too late, so Lydia needed an overnight bag packed. Then at about 11:45 I wondered to PJ if we shouldn't take some of the junk out of my car, just in case the Atlanta dealership was willing to even consider a trade in. Suddenly we were running it through the car wash, vacuuming it, and taking everything out. Then one last trip to the house to grab the title, just in case, and we were on our way. After driving, I mean rattling along, in my old car for hours, the newer one felt SO smooth. It is the same exact car as my old one, my third Honda CRV in 13 years, but this one is a newer generation, so an updated body style, it has a LOT less miles, and is the EX version so it has a moon roof and a few extra features. Needless to say we were glad we made the drive and ecstatic when they offered us the exact amount we had previously decided to sell my old car for. PERFECT. I was so grateful to PJ for taking off from things he needed to do this weekend, to Jen, Pop Pop, Nana, and Ann Marie for being willing to keep Lydia on very short notice, and to the Hayes Auto Dealership in ATL for taking my trade so PJ and I didn't have to manage two cars on that long late drive home.

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