Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What the Witches Ate and Drank

Thhis should be the wrap up of pictures from the Black Hat Society. Jen and I worked so hard on the food and are very proud of the result. Witches are very picky and you don't want one to be mad at you, so they get only the best when they come for dinner. We served our beverages in crystal edged with green drips of candy coating and garnished with worms, spiders, and witchy umbrellas.

Not the best picture, but our beverage for the evening was blood red, served in a large specimen jar, with the heads of lost souls floating inside. (Effect achieved with red wine and shrunken apple heads)

An overview of our witchy buffet, with my sister witch in the background.

An appetizer of prescription pills complements of Mike and Ike and Good and Plenty candies.

A summer squash witch's hand coming out of the dip.

The melon brain was fabulous. The wizard's "members" (chocolate covered bananas) shriveled, wilted and drooped. Hmmmm, maybe they performed as expected!

My favorite finishing touch, a cheese plate infested with gummy mice.

Oreo truffles and powdered doughnuts made to look like edible eyeballs.

Cheesecake with chocolate spider web. The witches were fed, happy, and no one was turned into a toad. A successful Halloween party with a fun witchy twist!

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