Thursday, October 8, 2009

Moving Mountains

OK, maybe not moving mountains, but the earth is being dug up and moved around at my house. I marvel at what a guy in a big truck can accomplish in a day. Even more so when the movements of that man are financed by someone other than me, but result in my getting a bigger yard! PJ's uncle Dennis has a small house on the edge of our property. When they built it a few years ago, they leveled the area and pushed the extra dirt over to our front yard and filled in a massive slope that meant we really didn't have a yard. This week, Dennis decided that he was tired of the rain washing down the hill next to his house and flooding his driveway, so he had another family member dig up his hill and again the dirt was moved to our yard, extending and flattening our front yard yet again. How lucky do I feel! You can see where our old yard ended if you look at where the grass ends. The swing set used to be near the edge of the hill. Now it is in the middle of the yard. Once we get grass planted, we will have a GREAT yard for Liddy to explore.

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