Sunday, May 17, 2009

What I am making for Lydia now....

I am rushing to finish making a doll for Lydia's birthday. The idea is for it to look a bit like her. I had a lot of fun with getting the felt hair to swirl around the head like Lydia's hair does. I made her dress out of a top that Lydia outgrew. She needs a face and, while I think it would be easier for me to paint it, the felt hair makes me think she needs an embroidered face to match. Good thing I have lots of car time on our trip to Gulf Shores next weekend! I am hoping to have enough time to also make the doll a tutu, and a backpack, and butterfly wings, and a pet pig, and a bottle of antibiotic, and an epi-pen. Pretty much all the things that were staples in Lydia's life this year. Like I said, I have a month, but I am rushing to get it all done! That final picture is of the fabric I bought to try to make Lydia a winter coat. My cousin who has great taste in really pricey kids cloth turned me on to Corky Coats, these fabulous winter coats. I want one, but don't want to pay for one. I also thought it might be fun to make and match the trims, etc. Just an idea.. for later.. until I saw this beautiful embroidered polar fleece. Yes, its only May, but the stuff was on sale and not long for the fabric store. Looks like I have projects to last a while.

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