Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Here are two ideas that I "borrowed" from crafty blogs that I enjoy looking at. The stacking sterling silver birthstone rings came from Etsy. My first Etsy purchase actually. I saw them on a crafty mom's blog and looked up the person who made hers and then searched Etsy for others. Mine came from Purple Moon something or other. I really should learn to add links to give proper credit. Oh well. If you like the idea, search Etsy for stackable rings and enjoy finding one that suits your needs. Mine has my birthstone and PJ's birthstone as the smaller stones and Lydia' stone is larger. They are a little loose. I goofed on ordering them, but they will still fit if I get pregnant and my fingers swell up. Which, should that happen, I can also order another ring to add to the stack. I love it!
The other idea cost more time and less money, but the result was priceless. I traced Lydia's hand. (read: PJ held her down and we both tried to distract her while we traced her hand) and cut it out and made paper handprint corsages. I made one for each grandma, one great grandma, one for myself, and made 3 more for a friend of mine out of her kid's prints. Whew! Luckily they were pretty simple. Now I just have to decide how to flatten and preserve mine.

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