Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our house....is a very, very, very fine house.

It feels like we have been renovating the house for a LONG time now. It's been long enough that Lydia is now able to crawl over to PJ and offer her expert assistance.
I'm not ready to say that we are completely finished adding or changing things. But, the projects that were happening as a result of Lydia's arrival were finally completed in time to show off the house during Easter dinner.

In order to give Lydia a bathroom of her own, we moved the claw foot tub out of our bathroom. That meant we didn't have a bath of our own until we finished hers and THEN also finished renovating ours. Both bathrooms are basically finished. There are still a few finishing to obsess over and I'm not quite ready to move all of our stuff into the closet and vanity, but the medicine cabinet is fully operational and the plumbing all works. I have to say it is gorgeous! PJ did a GREAT job with all the construction and the design elements came together nicely. We even have art on the walls!

Here is a view of the shower end of the room. You can see the slate floor. There is a bench in the corner under the angled wall made by the stairs. It is just so cozy and so much a better use of space than how it functioned in our old bathroom (hiding the litter box, yuck!)

Here is the new kitchen island. You didn't know we were getting a kitchen island? Neither did PJ until about 12 hours before the project needed to be finished. He had to stain it and build the counter top. Such a trooper! And look, there's Lydia crawling around the island. That has been my FAVORITE part of finally being finished with all the renovations. The tools are put away. The clutter is picked up (for now!) Lydia is able to crawl almost anywhere on the main floor without fear of power tools. We have a ton more storage spaces for me to fill and lots lore real estate for Lydia to explore. A very fine house indeed!

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