Saturday, April 25, 2009

Growing Pains

Lydia is now 10 months old and growing more and more independant. I go to pick her up at daycare and she is playing with the "big kids". We are still awaiting the arrival of the two front teeth. Lydia has been having bouts of fussiness that keep her and us up most of the night. It seems like a combination of factors. PJ and I have been really busy this week. Lydia has a lot of drainage from the teething and apparently has a touch of a sore throat. She is also growing up and realizing that she can keep herself awake. Here she is doing one more thing for herself. She grabbed her spoon from me and got it right in her mouth. I put some food on it and she got it back in her mouth, again. We'll keep working on teaching her to do thing for herself....including going to sleep!

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