Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birthday Twins, Activate!

Lydia had a visit over my spring break from my friend Natalie and her son Connor. Natalie was my roommate during my last year in college. I was the RA in a freshman dorm, so she and two other very sweet girls were stuck following all the dorm rules, or getting very good at sneaking around when I wasn't looking. Too bad for them I was writing my thesis and ALWAYS sitting in my room typing with the door open. Flash forward 10 years. Natalie calls me one day and asks if I am pregnant. She was pregnant. Our other two roommates were pregnant. She just knew that I would be too. She was right. The other two girls were both due in March and Natalie and I were both due in June. Natalie was so miserable during her pregnancy that when my water broke five weeks early, I couldn't help texting her to share the news. She texted back her own news. She was already being induced. Lydia and Connor share a birthday.

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