Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Best Gift Ever!

I think PJ is realizing that my handmade Christmas cards may take a lot more time to finish and send out, so the moratorium on showing the Christmas photos has been lifted. One set of grandparents already got their pictures and my mom will be in town soon to get hers. So here are some of the pictures that we ordered from J C Pennies. I got the idea to put Lydia in a gift box from searching Christmas photographs online. Lydia is still working on sitting, so we needed a box that was big enough to also hold her bumpo seat. I wrapped the boxes to match the pedal car because it originally did not have wheels and I thought we would need to hide selective parts with packages. The car ended up looking so good that we used it by itself and just did a series of package pictures and a series of car pictures. So here is Lydia, the best gift this year! I can’t decide if I like the smiling one best. There is just something poetic to me about her sitting by herself, looking a little lost, and trying to figure out what her crazy mommy is up to!

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