Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Renal Reflux Diagnosed

Lydia's tests came back positive for renal reflux in her left kidney. According to the Pediatric Urology website I found "The condition is more prevalent in females and in children who have red hair." Darn! Just one more place where red heads are weird."

Apparently reflux is caused by a blockage that prevents urine from flowing normally, so it backs up into thekidneys. It can be caused by a UTI or there can be an anomoly in the eureter that is often genetic. Seeing as her cousin Gracie had this, my bet is it runs in the family. Either way, the result is that you get UTIs, so the idea that i get is that she has probably been uncomfortable for a while.

She is being put on an antibiotic until we can meet with a specialist. Her cousin just had to be on antibiotics for a year and then outgrew it. Hmmm. I wonder if they miss out on being sick during cold season because they are already on anti-biotics? We should know more soon.

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