Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sibling Photo Shoot

I have been meaning to get pictures taken of the kids since their birthdays over the summer. I can't believe how long it took to get then into the portrait studio! I am SO glad that I finally got to it. I think the pictures turned out GREAT!

Joshua and Lydia are wearing outfits that were sewn and smocked by my mom.

I knew this might be a challenging appointment as Joshua is now able to move around, but not able to follow directions. I am amazed that the photographer was able to get this many good shots!

This is my FAVORITE! Joshua was ready to leave and we were trying anything to get him to stay. Lydia was going to show him the book, but he grabbed it and started pointing to pictures. The photographer captured the moment beautifully!

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Aunt Denise said...

They did great! And, your mom is super talented! How nice of her, and what great memories you'll all have!