Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Easy Embellishments for Creative Valentines

Today was another segment of WBIR's DIY on the Fly. This time Margot Potter and I were making Valentines Day cards. I made paper pinwheel embellishments to add to my cards. Here's the how to!

Start with a square of paper. I'm using a piece if origami paper here.

Cut the square in half.

Next, you are going to accordion fold both halves. I realized AFTER I did this set that it was WAY easier to place one piece on top of the other and THEN fold the two together.

The goal is to get both folded up and down.

Glue the two folded papers together so it makes one long zig zag folded piece of paper.

Tie a string around the middle.

Begin opening up the pinwheel and glue the edges together.

If you want a plain pinwheel, tie the strings so the knot is on the back and you can be finished. I chose to tie the knot in front so I could add an embellishment.

I threaded a button through the strings and tied it behind the button.

The pinwheel is now ready to attach to a card!

You can even layer the pinwheels by making multiple sizes and stacking one in top of the others. I just glued these together and then added them to a card.

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